Mission of Greenforecast.com

The function of Greenforecast.com is to aid in environmental awareness and a “greener future”, through the sharing of essays, videos and dialogues. Please consider this website as a “living book”, and a constant work in progress. My aim is not to fall into any particular category of environmentalism, but to discuss and share complex ideas and subjects. My observations and educational background and interests have given me keen observational perspectives, and my aim is to share these perspectives in my essays and in the materials that I post within this website. My hope is that you may find this site through search engines, whether on the hunt for school research or just learning, I hope your eyes find this very sentence and that this website provides value to you.

Truly, we now live in a global community with an ever-changing planet of increasing speed. It is important that ecologically speaking, we work as “one planet” and grow together in our perspectives and understandings. As we all share the same biosphere, atmosphere and hydrosphere, we must all be willing to play fair if we hope to become masters of our ecological domain. True environmental stewardship lies within our potentials of engineering, innovation, science and policy. We must work to change our frame of mind and work towards a more proper lens, which does not contain the destructive patterns and habits that make up our every-day in modern times. This website is my contribution to try and help in these ways, and if you are reading I hope you explore. I encourage all healthy dialogues on these subjects and would love for you to share your thoughts or contact me.

There are ways we could redefine things, such as:

Feel & Experience Nature, Adopt New Values & Ethics

Earth Needs Love Too, Greenforecast, Forecasting a Greener World Today

Evaluate Truthfully Our Relationships with Nature

Think Ecologically, Greenforecast, Forecasting a greener world today.

Action through Policy, Science & Engineering

Plant ideas and watch them grow, stewards to the earth, greenforecast.com forecasting a greener world today.

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